NerdGameNight Podcast

by Aidan Malone, Matthew McCluskey & Owen Nesbitt

As three long time friends who have put too many hours into table top games, we decided we were perfectly qualified to start brandishing our ever changing opinions on some of the ones we play most often. What better way to do that than with a podcast?

So get ready to hear all about the games you know and love or don't know you love (TM...we think) from two experts and one host that won't let them get a word in. If loud laughing, sweeping statements and factless opinion is your thing then this is the podcast for you

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Podcast Episodes

Ep 11: Forbidden Desertby Matt Leacock

"Not a Thirst Quencher"

With our episodes usually being as rare as an oasis in a desert we've actually managed to stick with our weekly schedule this time round. In an episode where we talk less about the game and more about life/death situations it won't surprise you that this isn't one of our favourites. Listen out for our special A-List guest who feels the same.

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Ep 10: Pathfinder: The Adventure Card Game by Jason Bulmahn

"On The Road Again"

After a long hiatus your three favourite nerds are back and are ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. What better endorsement can we give than this game was so enjoyable that we played it instead of recording the podcast. Some sad news this week and so the episode countdown begins.

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Ep 9: Cards Against Humanity by Cards Against Humanity LLC

"Just for a Laugh"

From mainstream family games to 18+ drunk party games we really like to cover all the bases. This is quite likely the least competitive game we nerds play but somehow we still find a way to feel bad when we lose. Enjoy a lighter look at gaming and endless innuendos....in your endo.

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Ep 8: Risk by Hasbro Games

"Time for some World Domination????"

For the second episode in a row we're looking at the more mainstream family games we all must surely have played at one time or another. Get ready to Risk 1-8 hours of your life with the hope of enjoying this game. In a game with this much die rolling you know its going to divide opinions of your favourite nerds.

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Ep 7: Christmas Special by Various

"Christmas Time, Monopoly and Wine"

In our second mash-up episode we talk about all those games we love to hate that come out of the dusty cupboard to try and tear our families apart. There are some gems here so be sure to try out some of these before the end of the holidays. Happy Christmas Nerds! See you next year.

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Ep 6: Secret Hitler by Mike Boxleiter & Tommy Maranges

"Trust No One"

Assuming having played all the previous games you still have friends, this game is sure to weed out the rest of the stragglers. Listen as we try and make a game thats only purpose is to find out which of your friends are secret psychopaths, sound cool and fun for parties. Get this game at your own risk....but seriously get it.

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Ep 5: Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino

"Hands off my Deck"

For our first deck building game and the newest addition to our game nights we pulled out all the stops. New interstitials, new outro, new recording location, but, unfortunately the same old hosts. We talk the disadvantages of having a big deck, how to make best use of your deck, but mostly how making dick/deck jokes never gets old. Enjoy!

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Ep 4: Ticket to Ride by Alan R. Moon

"Back on Track"

After our disastrous attempt to break new ground in the mini games sphere its back to business as usual with one of the newer editions to our game nights. This one goes off the rails a bit (hehehe) but in the end its a "jolly good show". While the new mics have us sounding sweeter than ever the hatred for the custom outros continues to mount.

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Ep 3: Exploding Kittens and Love Letter


Three episodes in and these guys are already messing with a flawless format. That's right, this week we look at two games in our first, and possibly only, mashup episode. Two different but equally bitesize games compete for our affection to be crowned best bitesize game of NGN 2017. Try and contain your excitement for the results.

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Ep 2: Settlers of Catan by Klaus Teuber

"The Adventure Continues"

In this episode we talk about the second game to whet our appetites for nerdy table top games. As usual we talk gameplay, strategy and improvements while "successfully" pulling information out of our arse about expansions that we didn't research at all. Two wins in a row for Aidan means Matthew is not a happy camper by the end #spoiler.

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Ep 1: Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games

"Where it All Began"

And so it begins.....The first episode of your future favourite podcast where we'll talk about the games you know and love or don't know you love. To kick things off we talk about the game that brought us together yet continually tries to tear us apart. Try not to cry too much as this episode brings out some hard hitting feels.

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